One platform for multiple content categories in the Technical Documentation, Legal and Financial sectors. Khemeia™ has enabled aviation maintenance manuals, parts catalogues, engine manuals, case law, legislation, regulatory content, company accounts, contracts and compliance documents to be Searchable, Reusable and Interoperable.

What is Khemeia?
Innovatively transforms data into intelligent content

Using artificial intelligence techniques, Khemeia™ transforms unstuctured data to intelligent content. Extracting and semantically tagging meta-data, structuring and hierarchically organizing information, generating Table of Contents and converting to XML based outputs, Khemeia™ creates structured content from paper and PDF, Word, ASCII, HTML. documents. The content is now ready for use by Content Management, Search, Business Intelligence, Categorization, Data Discovery and Authoring and Publishing solutions.

Who are we?

Stelae Technologies is a software vendor funded by angel investors in Europe, Israel and India via the Indian Angel Network. Part of the SAP Start-Up Focus network, Stelae Technologies was selected by the CIO Reveiw Magazine as one of the 20 Most Promising Product Companies in Asia and was also a winner of TechSparks 30 in 2013. Winner of the IBM Global Entrepreneur Smart Camp for India and Asia Pacific, the Stelae Technologies team is based in Bangalore, London and Lyon.

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